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About HubNote

Create, discover, save time, organize, share, browse the others, collaborate.

HubNote is a social network that allows to take and share yours notes in class, at works, for tips or all other domain.

The app offers the following services:
  • The publication of notes that can contain: text, images, tips, ideas, source code, mathematical formulas, diagrams...
  • The ability of giving a reliability grade to a note (between 1 and 5)
  • The ability of add comments to a note
  • The ability to communicate with others users by a real time chat
Is it only for student?

HubNote is not only for student, but userfull at work, at home and for all domains: for cooking, in computing / software development, in searching, gardening, do-it-yourself...

What kinds of notes are there?

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How do you create a notes?


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